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Welcome to the Woosley Naragon law group! Prepare to have your expectations exceeded by our experienced legal team. We’ll guide you in an empathetic, effective, expeditious & ethical manner to help you regain your peace of mind while you’re dealing with challenging situations and unpredictable life events.

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David Woosley

Robert A. Naragon

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Divorce Done Right

Divorce is extremely traumatic for most families. Its effects can be unpredictable and long-lasting...


Mediation is almost always the best alternative to resolve a legal dispute. It’s a confidential process...

Wills & Estates

For estate planning, which is often a difficult topic for clients to address, please be assured that we will handle...

Patent & Trademark

Opposing patent trolls is in our wheelhouse. Our civilization is advanced by smartly pursuing innovation...

Private Judge & Arbitration

This exquisite service may prove to be quite valuable, and the roles of a Private Judge (PJ) are not as obvious...


Bankruptcy, as it turns out, often goes hand-in-hand with Divorce and/or debilitating illness...

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