Welcome to the WOOSLEY NARAGON law group!

Prepare to have your expectations exceeded by our experienced legal team. We’ll guide you in an empathetic, effective, expeditious & ethical manner to help you regain your peace of mind while you’re dealing with challenging situations and unpredictable life events. Our law offices are right across from the courthouse, on Main Street, in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania.  Lawyers tend to be expensive, and it can be very difficult to find one you can trust. That’s why we offer a free phone consultation [where we actually give legal advice], so you can get a good feel for our firm’s mission & personality. Then we charge only $42 for an initial in-office meeting, where we can look over any documents. We strive to help our clients succeed successfully, not merely in their legal battles, but also in life. Finding the right law firm can be crucial. The legal team at Woosley Naragon distinguishes itself from most other lawyers in three important ways:

Why Choose Us?

We’re truly compassionate.

Every member of our team has been a Plaintiff or a Defendant in an intense legal struggle, so we have a good idea about the rough patch of road you’re on. We’re sensitive to your feelings and concerns because we’ve been there.

We're courageous!!

We’re courageous!! We’re not risk-averse. We enjoy new challenges and we bring intellectual vigor and grit to find novel ways to push the envelope to fight for justice and for the rights of our clients. 

We're responsive.

We’re responsive. We don’t just promise that we’ll be attentive to your case, we actually are. We attempt to return all calls and e-mail messages the same day. If you’re like our other clients, you will learn to appreciate this immensely.

Everyone deserves advocacy in our legal system regardless of their financial resources. Accordingly, we also offer limited-scope representation, which is an economical alternative to traditional high-cost legal services. This allows you to choose the specific services you need to resolve your legal affairs without unnecessary fees. Limited-scope representation means that we teach you how to handle as much of your matter as possible while allowing us to assist you with the more difficult portions of your case as needed. Our services may range from merely providing legal advice to handling nearly every detail of your case, depending on the complexity and your degree of self-reliance.

We also offer affordable billing by charging flat rates rather than billing by the hour like most practitioners. This fee-for-service approach allows you to predict your legal fees before you hire us. Flat rates avoid unpredictable legal bills which, as you may have learned, can quickly spiral upward and start to get out of control.

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