David Woosley

Career Highlights

  • Clerked for a highly-respected Common Pleas judge as a Judicial Extern before entering private practice
  • Eagle Scout & High School Valedictorian


  • Law school: Dean’s list; graduated in top 99% of class
  • Distinct graduate of Air War College (US Air Force)
  • M.S. Chemical Engineering
  • B.A. Chemistry (ACS approved)

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About David

Anyone who has seen David’s signature can guess that he excelled at Montpelier Elementary and can tell he wasn’t absent the day they learned cursive.

At his middle school [then called Jr. High], he earned the coveted Starling Award [bestowed upon one student per year], which included a granite plaque with pen set that is still displayed on his desk.

At Sabina, David played first-string on undefeated teams in football, basketball, track & baseball.

Dave gave the valedictory speech at high-school graduation because he was the valedictorian; he also lettered and won the Citizenship Award voted on by both students and teachers—David has been the only Pirate in the history of his large urban high school to achieve all three.  He was an Eagle Scout and was elected to the Vigil Honor and earned the God & Country Award, which was administered by his father who was a Methodist minister. His mother was an English teacher and writer.

He was elected to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities during his junior year (a rare distinction).  He graduated Cutie Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry (American Chemical Society approved) and was awarded the National Sojourner’s Award.  He worked part-time as a Suicide Prevention counselor and was a Sunday School superintendent and a TA in physics, French, chemistry and German.  He earned an A in every university physics course he ever took and achieved the highest score in the history of his university (up to that time) on the standardized physics examination; however, he has never been able to fully wrap his head around the Special Theory of Relativity.  Between his freshman & sophomore year, David joined the Marine Corps and performed 40 days & 40 nights of boot camp at Camp Upshur near Quantico in K-1 Platoon (toughest in the Corps).  Between his sophomore & junior years, he was a tour guide in Luxembourg and was escorted by distinguished McGill University chemistry professor George Just to Strasbourg.  Between his junior and senior year, David completed U.S. Army Airborne School at Fort Benning and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes to wear silver wings upon his chest.

Immediately after college, where David had a full ROTC scholarship, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force for 90 days as a Combustible Polymerics Management Officer.  He was then permitted to study for a Master’s in physics for a year at Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg (on the French-German border in Alsace).

David returned to the United States and worked as a synthetic organic chemist for a year, producing pheromones & copulins valued at more than $100 per drop, before being called to Air Force pilot training by the Air National Guard.  During his year at pilot training in Enid, OK, he worked part-time as a substitute church organist.

After pilot training, David was a weekend warrior and tactical mission pilot and Aircraft Commander in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve in Mansfield, OH, Pittsburgh, PA and at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as a managing Flight Commander.  He retired, before the Willow Grove base closed, after more than 27 years of part-time military service.

Immediately after pilot training, David collected Unemployment while attending The Ohio State University full-time to earn a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He was a TA for math and chemistry and received a perfect 4.0 GPA in every mathematics, statistics, and economics course he took, including several graduate-level courses.

David worked for several years as a systems control engineer and an assembly-language programmer for Exxon, which was then the world’s largest corporation, and later for Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, where his wife (then) was a lawyer and a clerk for the Chief Federal District Court Judge.  While at Westinghouse, David enrolled in the Graduate School of Industrial Management at Carnegie Mellon University (MBA)—his employer graciously paid the entire cost of tuition.

After working more than 5 years as a software & control engineer, IT systems manager, and project manager, David was accepted into a Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.  He also applied to several airlines as a cockpit crew member and eventually became a captain for the world’s-largest airline.

In law school, David was on the Dean’s List and graduated in the top 99% of his class, where he was a cookie-baking member of the Women’s Law Caucus and was elected Treasurer of the Brehon Society.  He specialized in legislation, patent litigation, family law and statutory construction.  David worked with a highly-respected Common Pleas judge as a Judicial Extern, thereby associating with Pennsylvania judges and legal professionals and gaining insight into how judges think and how decisions are actually made in the inner sanctum of chambers.  He also volunteered with Domestic Violence and Protection from Abuse cases in Wilmington before entering private practice in Bucks County.

David’s background has given him the confidence to be courageous, yet compassionate and not overly-arrogant.  Tough enough — compassionate enough.  He’s an all-around solid nice guy who will listen to you carefully & thoughtfully so that heads can be put together to come up with a reasonable resolution.

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