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For estate planning, which is often a difficult topic for clients to address, please be assured that we will handle your estate planning needs with the utmost respect, consideration, and sensitivity to your individual needs.

Estate planning is a way of helping to protect what matters most to you. For many people, this means ensuring that their children or grandchildren are provided for, preserving their estate, avoiding unnecessary taxes or leaving a legacy of charitable giving. Wills & Trusts are frequently revised following a significant life event, such as a Divorce. No matter what your personal goals are, a will is the most fundamental Pennsylvania estate planning document. But most people will benefit from additional estate-planning tools that can more-effectively accomplish their planning goals.  Although there are many free or low-cost pre-printed and downloadable forms for wills and trusts, cookie-cutter estate planning cannot replace competent legal advice.  Woosley Naragon offers a wide range of family and individual planning—we enjoy guiding clients which results in our preparation of necessary documents, such as simple and complex wills, trusts, estate tax planning, estate administration, living wills and powers of attorney.  Professional planning can often times reduce or eliminate the estate and inheritance tax liability of an estate, thereby passing more of your hard-earned assets to your loved ones. If you die intestate (without a will), the distribution of your estate will be handled by the probate court, pursuant to the laws of intestate succession, irrespective of your individual wishes. By planning for your future now, you are in a direct position to better preserve your assets and make inheritance decisions, which we will capture in your legal documents, and have peace of mind that in years to come your estate will be properly handled according to your wishes.

Woosley Naragon LLC has experience in representing estates and assisting individuals through the process of probate and estate administration.  After the loss of a loved one, the executor of an estate can rely on us to guide the administration process in protecting the assets, discharging property debts and taxes, communicating with the court system and ultimately distributing the assets to the beneficiaries in an efficient manner.

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